Some of our best projects...

Some examples of successfulll projects that we coordinated are below: Articles in the press, Media campaigns in the subway, Media Relations Events, Trade events, BtoB or BtoC shows...
Press, TV, Radio, Blog, Social media...

Our Database includes journalists from the trade and general medias, and allows us to be efficient depending on the trarget.

Most large and well-know medias do work with us.

Create a unique moment around a Destination to be remembered.

Strong knowledge of the market allows us to create unique events depending on the audience. For exemple, an Event combining lobster and traditional music. Network and strenghthening relationships around a destination is possible by creating special moments.

Find "the" idea which will make a difference, and will value the brand of a company.
We created a team to run a race, plan the training sessions with a coach and a casual meal, reach our goal together under the flag of Canada...That is a recipe for a successful Public Relations event!
How to increase awareness, be noticed, make a difference...

Our expertise allows us to make the best recommendations in regards to Media Campaign in the subway, the radio, or in the Press, and not to mention Social Media...Many opportunities which have to be well selected and directed.

SHOW BtoB, BtoC, Conferences
How to get a destination noticed in a very competitive travel market?

Exhibiting at a Trade or Consumer Show has to be well prepared in order to get the best visibility for professionals and direct consumers.

Our mission is to get the biggest possible impact for your investment

Communicating on social media today is an essential part of any global marketing strategy. 


What is the best media for your needs? How to create content that has the most impact? How to be visible to your target audience? So many questions that we can help you to answer  to reinforce your exposure on the market.

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